Can I bring my kids?

Yes, you can! We love when kids get to see their parents working out. However, we do not currently have child care and for their safety and for the integrity of the class no children are allowed on the black matts at anytime before or after class. We have space for them to sit during class, but they will need their own activities to keep them busy. Parents are responsible for their kids while working out and should position themselves during class where you can visualize your child. 

Can I bring my pets?

While we LOVE pets (dogs especially) for their safety and for the peace of mind of all of our members we ask that you leave your furry family members at home.

What can I expect each class?

Each class is an hour long and will include a warm up, movement teaching and practice, a workout, and a cool down with mobility work. During each class our coaches will provide individual direction and teaching intended to keep you safe, and help you get the intended workout of that day. Everyone is different and our coaches know this, we are here to help you get better regardless of your background and/or experience.

What should I bring to class?

Yourself and a willingness to learn and get better. A water bottle, a towel, and any fun workout accessories you want (shoes, knee sleeves, jumpropes, belts, etc.).

When do I show up?

We ask that you show up a few minutes before class starts. This allows you to catch up with friends, give you some space for traffic, and get into the building and get settled before we go to the glass for class instruction.

What if I am running late?

We get it, Houston traffic is unpredictable. Do your best to get to class on time and in a worse case scenario we ask that you are no later than 5 minutes to class. Our warmups and workout explanations are an important part of ensuring that everyone gets the most out of class and ensures the safety of all of our members. Showing up late and “catching up” puts both your safety and the experience of other athletes at risk. In the event you are going to be more than 5 minutes late we ask that you take the next available class.

Do I need to reserve a spot?

Yes, please do. This helps us plan ahead for who may be in class and how many athletes we will have in class. It also helps us ensure we have adequate space and equipment for every class. You can reserve your spot through the Zen Planner member app, or through the website. 

What if I miss a class I reserved?

If you don’t show up, no problem. We would love for you to cancel your reservation but we understand this isn’t always possible. A missed reservation will not count against your class total for limited memberships.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, absolutely. This is best for those who plan on being absent for a month or so. Our hold policy is 30 days. Our system will treat your membership as if it is canceled and will pick up right where it left off the following month.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, just give us 48 hours notice in writing at any time. Just e-mail your cancellation request to at least 48 hours prior to the end of the month. We do not have contracts but instead work on a month to month membership which automatically renews on the first of each month and can be canceled at anytime. 

What if class is full?

If class is full we have several standby spots. In the event of a cancellation you will be bumped into class and notified. We limit class size to ensure everyone receives adequate feedback and coaching, that there is enough equipment, and that there is a safe working space. In the event that the workout allows for it classes exceeding the limit will be run and you will be notified.

What is programming like?

Our programming is constantly varied (always different), functional movements (training aspects of fitness that will translate to real life), performed at high intensity (challenging, but doable). Everything we do is scalable, so your intensity is different from the person next you. 

Our goal is to train real people in general physical preparedness. This means helping you achieve your potential and live a long healthy and capable life. We believe less is more and we intentionally follow a sustainable approach that will lead to a lifetime of health and wellness.

What if I have other questions?

Email: or 

Phone: 713-412-6674